Aerospace Engineering & Defense IT Software Solutions

The aerospace and defense industry faces a multitude of challenges – ranging from revenue growth to sustenance of organic operations.

Aerospace Engineering and Defense IT Software Solutions

Overview :-

The Aerospace and Defense industry is transforming. The changing global economy and demand from emerging markets such as India brings different challenges to global aerospace and defense industry leaders. Industries must identify new partnerships and new ways to leverage regional partnerships to address different regulatory requirements across different geographies. Cost, time-to-market and a need for sustainable innovation are key drivers for growth in the industry. Access to new markets is another factor that will determine success in aerospace and defense.

As a leading Global Design House for Aerospace & Defense engineering services and solutions, WondersMind is a partner of choice for top aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and several Tier I suppliers. We are also a key partner to Indian defense organizations. We operate large-sized engineering centers for many of our customers. We support our partners not only in design and development but also in enabling them to become key market players in their respective countries and regions. Our extensive domain expertise across business jets, regional jets, commercial jets and trainers enables us to understand the major challenges that the industry faces and how to address them.

Service offerings from WondersMind

WondersMind Aerospace Engineering offerings span the complete aircraft development cycle, including airframe structures, systems, and interiors for a wide array of aircraft ranging from trainer, transport, business and fighter aircraft, and helicopters to launch vehicles for satellites and gas turbines.

Aerospace Engineering and Defense IT Software Solutions

Software Engineering Services

Complete lifecycle support for safety critical on-board and ground systems across aerospace projects.

Aerospace Engineering and Defense IT Software Solutions

Electronics Engineering Services

Hardware engineering services, such as board design, design analysis, and platforms for in-flight entertainment.

Aerospace Engineering and Defense IT Software Solutions

Mechanical & Structural Engineering Services

Composite lifecycle solutions encompassing industrial design, CAD, CAE, reliability, and documentation.

Aerospace Engineering and Defense IT Software Solutions

ATE & Test Engineering Services

Test solution implementation experience and strong process and standards for test equipment design and development.


IoT-led manufacturing process efficiencies

Aerospace Engineering and Defense IT Software Solutions

PLM-led Agility

Next generation PLM strategies for lower risk and increased agility.

How we can help

WondersMind leverages their on-shore engineering capabilities to each client’s needs in the aerospace and defense industry.