IT Solutions & Consulting for Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is going through disruptive changes. In this crowded marketplace with many players, every automaker is challenged to push for innovations.

IT Solutions and Consulting for Automotive Industry

Overview :-

WondersMind is a strategic partner to the global automotive industry. We provide world-class technology, services and solutions for improving efficiency, reducing costs and helping our multinational clients gain maximum benefit from their global assets.
WondersMind’s automotive-specific portfolio covers IT technology and solutions for sales and after-sales service, R&D, production, and logistics as well as intelligent transportation systems based on telematics. Our vision is to be a supplier of high-quality automotive IT services and solutions. For us, this means being a trusted and strategic partner that works hand-in-hand with our clients to boost efficiency and innovation in operations around the globe.

Why choose WondersMind for Automotive Solutions?

Our solutions and services focus on key issues across the automotive value chain from suppliers to consumers and are designed to help you compete in today’s challenging environment.

IT Solutions and Consulting for Automotive Industry

Automotive Connect: OEM

Is your automotive company positioned to provide innovative, targeted services throughout the customer lifecycle from interest and purchase to ownership and repurchase? We will steer you down the right digital transformation path.

IT Solutions and Consulting for Automotive Industry

Automotive Cyber security:

Security in the automotive industry raises several distinct challenges around the connected vehicle, as well as in manufacturing plants and across enterprise IT systems. These challenges appear at each stage of the plan-build-run lifecycle. Every base needs to be covered in order to prevent, detect, and respond to possible security threats.

IT Solutions and Consulting for Automotive Industry

Automotive Engineering:

Digitization and rapid advances in technology have revolutionized the industry, and very much so the Automotive industry. Incorporating the technology shift and open innovation partnerships we build engineering solutions for successful products and services in the intelligent automotive ecosystem. Our agile way of working and our global presence help us develop organizational and technological structures to drive efficient and value adding delivery of solutions.

IT Solutions and Consulting for Automotive Industry

Automotive Manufacturing

Digital is changing the game for the manufacturing industries, and very much so for car manufacturers and suppliers. Smart, connected products, plants, assets and operations offer the potential for productivity gains, increased quality, cost savings and improved revenue. Our Digital Manufacturing services focus on improving the digital maturity of core manufacturing functions across product and asset life cycle management.

Automotive marketing, sales & service:

The vehicle buying process is growing increasingly complex, with consumers that have access to an unprecedented amount of information–to a high degree from social media, blogs, ad-hoc websites and an online independent press–, consumers that expect an individual customer experience, both digital and face-to-face, enabled by technology, such as VR and AR.

IT Solutions and Consulting for Automotive Industry

Connected Supply Chain:

We provide expertise in all industry-leading ERP and SCM packages to help our automotive clients develop an enterprise system strategy, re-engineer business processes and implement large scale enterprise-wide programs. We also help integrate back-end enterprise systems with business applications such as warehouse management and transportation management systems.

Manage your automotive business enterprise-wide

Explore our comprehensive solutions for all business processes across all industries to find the solutions you need to build a connected business and enable continuous growth.