Cognitive Automation

While CPA is a boon for companies performing high-volume transactional processes, it also supports job sustainability by freeing workers to complete tasks which require actual human cognition.

Cognitive Service Management

Overview :-

Cognitive automation is transforming the workforce of the future. It is disrupting every industry and the way we run business and IT today.
Cognitive automation is about automating knowledge work. With cognitive automation, companies are automating from simple, rule based tasks to complex tasks that will interpret un-structured data, derive patterns and make judgments. The cognitive solutions and tools leverage the diverse technologies like machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), natural language processing, chatbots, image recognition, speech to text and so on.

Cognitive Process Automation at WondersMind

At WondersMind, we have successfully worked with clients who have embraced CPA and saved thousands of dollars by automating repetitive tasks in areas as wide-ranging as infrastructure management, industrial automation, and business process automation.

Cognitive Service Management

Scope Analysis

During this phase we check the project requirements and the sample data visualization needs to determine the exact scope of the project.

Cognitive Service Management

Data Analysis

This is the preparation stage for the implementation of the solution, and serves the configuration stage in case of a repeat deployment.

Cognitive Service Management

Model Configuration

This is the development phase, where the solution comprising of big data, RPA and OCR components and modules and interfaces are developed by our team.

Cognitive Service Management

Quality Analysis

Here we test our solution with random, variable data and verify the model’s accuracy on the automated process. Based upon the results.

Solution Deployment

The Production-ready solution is deployed along with all other activities and the contract period of support.

Cognitive Service Management


Most of our solutions have components which ensure that identified stakeholders are alerted when system reports a confidence level lower than benchmark.

Benefits ofOutsourcing Cognitive Process Automation Services to WondersMind

WondersMind is one of the chief service providers of cognitive process automation in India and has directly impacted the traditional labor arbitrage model in many global Fortune companies. Some of the many reasons why you should choose us as your outsourcing service provider include