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Data Center Transformation Consulting Services

Overview :-

As IT environments become more complex, you grapple with escalating data center costs, growing server sprawl, and excessive time-to-market for infrastructure-dependent applications.
With more and more Organizations worldwide transforming into Knowledge Warehouses, there is an immediate need to handle critical data in a simpler, flexible and more efficient manner without compromising on security and data loss. WondersMind's expertise in this domain can help any organization to enhance and optimize existing assets, lower operation costs, improve performance and meet service levels with greater efficiency.

Our Solution

We have a wide range of service offerings across data center management portfolio – comprising data center operations, data center transformation, data center automation, and cloud services.


A cloud service offering that encompasses all of WondersMind managed services


A fully automated DR on cloud solution, imparting flexibility and creating single-click disaster recovery


A fully automated cloud solution, aligning customers’ backup strategy with HCL’s 21st CE blueprint


An end-to-end container consulting, build, migrate, and operate offering that allows you to develop and run applications and PaaS solutions anywhere, anytime with greater portability


A web-based infrastructure management solution, facilitating enterprise management and hybrid cloud infrastructure control

SDI Innovation Garage

An on-demand and integrated suite of lab services, enabling streamlined processes


WondersMind’s offerings for data center infrastructure management helped IT reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhance operational excellence. In a controlled infrastructure with defined software, service-based process integration can be ensured.