Embedded Engineering Software Development Systems

We help businesses develop smart, integrated solutions that combine sleek hardware and user interfaces with powerful software and connectivity capabilities.

Embedded Software Development Services Company

Overview :-

At WondersMind, we develop advanced embedded solutions to cater to varied industries. Right from industrial and home automation, Internet of Things, Telematics, M2M solutions, device drivers, Bluetooth, Avionics, automotive embedded systems, security solutions, Navigation and tracking solutions, RTOS porting, VOIP, Telecom, RFID, Inventory management, medical imaging, large industrial controllers to niche consumer electronics solutions which can be used as accessories for Android and IOS based devices- we offer a wide range of custom embedded services to suit your specific requirements.
We design and develop Digital Interfaces and Embedded solutions using CAN, SPI, IOM2, PCM, GPIO, I2C, PARALLEL Port etc, microcontroller programming, microcontroller based circuit and System Designing, ASIC based circuit and System Designing, Electronic circuit designing, Design and development of Digital Interface circuits.

Our Services

Embedded Software Development Services Company

WondersMind Embedded Services Suite

Collaborate with us to reduce your time-to-market by leveraging our end-to-end embedded engineering services offerings:

• Hardware design services

• Firmware, Device drivers and BSP development services

• Protocol Stacks and Connectivity solutions

• HMI & UI design services

Embedded Software Development Services Company

Hardware design services

Extensive experience in Front End RTL chip design and Verification services for ASIC, FPGA, SOC, for our global clients and partners

o VMM, OVM, UVM, RVM, eRM methodology based verification

o Processor board/FPGA, Pre-silicon/Post-silicon validation

• Hardware Design service offerings details

Embedded Software Development Services Company

Hardware design case-studies

• Freescale i.MX6 based Automotive IV

• Hardware Design for MRI System

• Test Vector Wrapper for LTE-PHY Test bed

• Minijet : Printer Development Hardware

• Serdes Module

Embedded Software Development Services Company

Firmware, Device drivers and BSP development services

• Embedded software/firmware development and porting services for Automotive ECU, Industrial Automation, Smart home automation, Machine Vision, Remote sensor networks

o Board Support Packages (BSPs) including boot-loader, debug utilities, interrupt and error handlers and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for interoperability with kernels under various operating systems

o RTOS development

Protocol Stacks & Connectivity solutions

• Collaborate with us for your project requirements of automotive communication protocol stacks:

o Design, Development, Porting, Integration and testing of Protocol stacks

o Driver development for communication modules

o Standard and customer specific communication modules

o PC tools – Analysers, simulators and data loggers


WondersMind has in-depth expertise in development of boot loader and KWP2000 stack for various automotive embedded ECUs