IBM Mainframe & AS400 Conversion Services

We provide a range of services on AS400 application development with the support of our deep desktop application development and web application development expertise.

Overview :-

While mainframes and IBM i (AS/400) systems remain a strategic asset for several organizations, they must address certain challenges in the modern computing environment. These include lack of agility, cost inefficiencies and skills shortage.
Mainframes have to be scalable in times of rapid enterprise growth and peak operational loads. A number of firms perceive mainframe maintenance as a cost-intensive process. With the emergence of cloud-based services, mainframes can demand significant capital investments initially. Increasing regulatory requirements has led to complexities in ensuring business continuity. The absence of new generation mainframe technicians is another hurdle.

Our Services

WondersMind offers state of the art IBM i (AS/400) or the iSeries maintenance services. IBM i (AS/400) is a midrange family IBM server working on the IBM Operating System

IBM i (AS/400) Services

The IBM i (AS/400) or i Series, widely used across industry segments, offers a wide range of functionalities

Mainframe Services

WondersMind Managed Mainframe Services help optimize total cost of ownership and improve service quality.

Seamless Replacement for ACL Mainframe

If you currently use ACL’s Discontinued Mainframe Version, the Arbutus Mainframe server is a Perfect Plug and Play Replacement.

IBM Mainframe & AS400 Conversion Services

WondersMind offers unparalleled service in the field of Mainframe & AS400 data and media conversion. Converting mainframe data to PC is a specialty. We are IBM database conversion experts.