SCM /Supply Chain Management Software Applications

Run real-time operations with supply chain management (SCM) software that harnesses new technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things. Our solutions provide full visibility and advanced analytics to help you plan, source, and deliver the right goods and materials at the right time.

Supply Chain Management Software Development

Overview :-

Supply chain management software can help you optimize your supply chains, vendor relationships, and distribution channels. It is important to use this software to identify inefficiencies in these channels, optimize warehouse storage, and automate your purchases. SCM software will allow you to measure and react to complexities within your supply chain and logistics operations to integrate data processes previously in silos.
A complete, end-to-end supply chain management system includes the material handling and software packages for all the parties who work together to create the product, fulfill orders, and keep track of information including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation providers, logistics providers, and retailers.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software

A complete, fully converged, integrated suite of cloud-based supply chain management solutions consists of the following components:

Supply Chain Management Software Development


Logistics manages all warehousing needs and transportation modes within and across borders to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Supply Chain Management Software Development

Product Lifecycle Management

A product lifecycle management system enables you to innovate, develop, and commercialize profitable products to grow your business.

Supply Chain Management Software Development

Supply Chain Planning

A supply chain planning solution helps you stay ahead of marketplace changes by proactively devising revenue growth and cost reduction strategies

Supply Chain Management Software Development


A procurement management system streamlines your source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration, while controlling costs and achieving higher margins.


A manufacturing management system streamlines your manufacturing process through visualization, back-flushed transactions, and social collaboration, while controlling costs.

Supply Chain Management Software Development

Maintenance Management

A maintenance management system connects your organization’s maintenance, supply chain, and financial applications, enabling you to streamline maintenance activities.


With WondersMind’s custom applications, track and manage all the moving parts of your supply chain, with or without an Internet connection.