WorkSpace Application Management Services

Integrated Workplace Management Systems

WorkSpace Application Management Services

Overview :-

Integrated Workplace Management Systems support business processes in real estate management, asset & maintenance planning and control, space and workplace management, services management, project management, and sustainability management. True IWMS software is based on a single database platform where multiple business processes from all disciplines are interconnected. This ensures high quality management information, full compliance, and maximized monitoring and control.
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Integrated Workplace Management Services

How do you ensure you’re selecting the best software for your business’ needs? And how can you maximize the benefits from the best integrated workplace management system?

WorkSpace Application Management Services

Full transparency

Not knowing your portfolio, its value, size, occupancy, planned maintenance, lease contracts, service suppliers, SLA’s, etc. brings an enormous risk in terms of costs, compliance, and business continuity. An IWMS gives you transparency in all relevant aspects by creating a standardized and structured data repository for all your processes. You know the exact amount of space available for future growth, the floor areas for contracting the cleaning, the expiration of lease contracts, and when the next maintenance order needs to be executed.

WorkSpace Application Management Services


Facilities, office spaces, meeting rooms, and workplaces already seem to be well utilized, however practice shows that their occupancy is on average just between 50% and 60%. An IWMS offers you the tools to measure and analyze your utilization and increase the effective use and value for your organization. This even allows you to eliminate underperforming facilities and spaces or change their functions. As an IWMS supports your business processes, you can easily analyze the performance of these processes and ultimately improve efficiency and quality of output.

WorkSpace Application Management Services

Proven compliance

In today’s society, legal issues are having a bigger impact on real estate and facility management. Health & safety, maintenance, security, sustainability, and IFRS and FASB lease accounting are just a few examples of areas with an increasing need for compliant processes and reporting. Structured administration and documentation needs to be in place to prove compliance in case of any audit or other incident. An IWMS ensures compliance, protecting you from any legal consequences.

WorkSpace Application Management Services

Decision support

In today’s business climate, it is extremely important to make the right decisions fast. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, budget constraints, and other economic factors put high pressure on facility managers and real estate managers. This increases the need for reliable and integrated management information to support decision making processes. IWMS supports operational, tactical, and strategic decision making with reports, analyses, dashboards, and benchmarks.

Cost savings

All of these IWMS benefits include direct and indirect cost savings and revenue increasing benefits. Gartner published an analysis on IWMS savings stating a 10-15% cost reduction in space by effective and efficient management, 5-8% costs savings by process improvements and better contracting, and 5-8% savings in lease costs by professional lease administration.

WorkSpace Application Management Services

Easy to work with

WondersMind Workplace is also fully integrated with meeting management and reservations software that improves your personnel’s control over the way they choose to work. myWondersMind Meetings & Reservations enables employees to book meeting rooms and other resources through Outlook, web or mobile app. Workplace managers can then optimally manage meeting room occupancy and associated visitor handling and facility services.

Integrated Workplace Management Solutions

Integrated Workplace Management Solution is becoming significant day by day for every organization. Be it employee’s attendance, leave details, or personnel details an integrated workplace management system on the company’s intranet makes things easier. This convenience automatically translates into higher productivity